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YenPowa: cheers man, thanks for the login deets. unfort i'm having trouble using them successfully see battlelog
Ramaro2: yen see battlelog you got wrong ip i think
YenPowa: sorted it out cheers for the help
meller: How's it going guys? All good? Just letting you know I'm still alive despite the protests :D
Spasti_DKiiing: whats the situation with this sunday coming up yen lemme know mate.
YenPowa: Not organized a match yet we're 2 weeks ahead
YenPowa: can do it for next sun if you're keen?
Spasti_DKiiing: okay mate i can do that was pre occupied with my missus this sunday but i can maek it :P
Elit-Guard: Still in Japan and planning to visit some friends in Thailand and Russia in the next weeks.
Phyrefli: Round the world in 80 days? ;)
meller: Nah, would be a shame to rush it!
meller: I would go to latin America elite, just don't get tickets passing through the states I guess ;)
Elit-Guard: Already been to Latin-America, I like the Asian part of the world more. End of next week I fly to Thailand but first I go to Osaka, Japan, where I will visit Osaka Castle, which is a marvel of engineering.
Elit-Guard: lol: «link» ;)
Elit-Guard: I'm in Nagoya now and will travel to Osaka tomorrow, cant wait to see Osaka Castle: «link» :P
meller: Nice man, I just go back home to denmark after some wild days in Turkey.. Kingsday in Holland is up next!
meller: That castle looks impressive!
Cougar: need to play arf but no time no clan no playable game rubber rubber rubber banding :( :( :( :( :( :(
meller: YES! I have suffered from rubberbanding as well!
meller: It is horrible.!
meller: I will try to be on tomorrow night :)
Elit-Guard: Change of plan, after visiting Osaka Catle, which is impressive, I'm in Fukuoka now and will travel to my brother who lives in Busan, South-Korea next. And just to annoy you guy's once more with my music: «link» :D
meller: Damn it elite! Do you need a companion in crime? My danish passport might come in handy.
Elit-Guard: I've visited some discotheques in Fukuoka yesterday and they are mad about this song: «link» it looks ridicules and it is, but trust me when I say that when you see the whole disco go berserk on it, with Japanese people, well, I dyed laughing :D
Elit-Guard: but some girls forced me to dance and sing the english parts :S
meller: I am not even sure what that was Elite.. But good you're having a blast :D
Do you still need a companion in crime though? ;)
meller: Phyre could you cancel our BF4 server? We don't use it, and I don't seem to be able to find out how to cancel it..
Cougar: i want to try to play egain some bf4 but can we try to play a few game togheter give me a day we can play a some rounds
Cougar: the only fun whit this game is playing whit friends
meller: Awesome Cougar! Me and Ket are talking more or less everynight :)
meller: Though I have to leave early for work the next few days :) (21:30)
Cougar: mmmmm nobody to day
meller: I'll be on tonight :)
Phyrefli: Cancelled the BF4 server a few days ago :) Also, still playing BF4 in GC until I leave in 10 days.
Cougar: game rubberbanding seems to be gone had some fun games :P
meller: I will be playing tonight :D

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