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meller: Ket probably knows yes, haven't seen him since I took off though :) Will try to get in touch with him :)
Elit-Guard: lol: «link» :P
Elit-Guard: Once again, lol: «link» ;)
Silvar: BF4T starts tonight!
Elit-Guard: Hahaha, granddad going ballistic on pills: «link» :D
Elit-Guard: King slapping by dwarf: «link» :D
Silvar: No BF4T tonight. Next match 29th of June at 20:00 BST/21:00 CET.
Elit-Guard: WTF ? «link» :O
Ramaro2: ah crap got it to late for bf4t damn traffic
Silvar: You didn't miss much. We lost 0-4.
Twochilled: thats a good link Elit lol unreal
Elit-Guard: Meanwhile in Scotland:
«link» :D
meller: What a great idea! :D
Silvar: BF4T tomorrow, Sunday 6th of July at 19:00 BST/20:00 CEST.
meller: Yup! I should be there :)
Ramaro2: should be there this time not going anywhere today
Silvar: Yay!
Ramaro2: we warming up before it
Cougar: i wil try to be arround but i dont now if i am on teh roster
Cougar: ??? nobody playing
daviesjsuk: hey guys, I need one of you to represent EuG at a tourney meet for BF4T as we will be discussing a few things about this nights match. Queenie wasnt in a good mood when she told me to gather everyone so Please be there on time at 8:00 BST
Elit-Guard: WTF ? «link» :S
Cougar: why is ts server password not working ????
Silvar: Didn't Meller post that the server was going to expire on the 17th?
Silvar: It was in the thread "Two weeks vacation - sorry ;) " in the General Discussion subforum. Here's the link: «link»
Silvar: And if you look just below the Shoutbox, the server address has already been reused for someone else. It's now called "BEEP BOOP".
Yutahon: i´m back got my pc fixed :D
Ramaro2: i cant play tonight internet up and down like a yoyo
Cougar: so no ts anymore time to join new clan then game over
Silvar: I think we'll get it back - it's just that Meller didn't have time to sort it out before he went on vacation.
Ramaro2: im currently setting up a temp ts server for us guys no need to panic i will post details in a minute
Ramaro2: new ts guys ip
Ramaro2: password is the same as the last one if you need any channel pls put in shout box or pm me
Silvar: For those of you who have BF4 CTE, a new >35 GB patch just came in! You have to uninstall CTE before downloading! This new batch will bring lower patch sizes in the future.
Elit-Guard: WTF ??? the North-Koreans (DPRK) play Battlefield O.O «link»
meller: Back from holiday! I see we are still here!
Thanks for setting up the ts Ramaro - awesome stuff!!
Hopefully I will have time to get my hands on the new DLC within the next couple of days :)
See you around! :)

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