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meller: Yeah I just saw it too, I don't know him..
Elit-Guard: There we go: "Finals Stand"; «link» :D
Elit-Guard: PS: for the former BF 2142 vets, look at 0.55, walker schematics :P
Ramaro2: aww give me a walker good old days hehe
Elit-Guard: Does anyone know PrivateOpacak ? He wants to join our platoon.
Silvar: Not me.
meller: But he is on PS4, not PC so I don't think we should accept him..
Elit-Guard: ok, thx, I'll let him know.
Elit-Guard: rofl: «link» :D
Silvar: BF4T will continue with Tour 2 on Sunday the 28th of September, at 19 BST/20 CEST.
Elit-Guard: Campers: «link» ;)
Silvar: It seems the BF4T Tour 2 start was pushed back to next week, the 5th of October.
Ramaro2: CS.GO is where the fun is at for me atm
meller: I got CS:GO as well, however, I am fed up with studies :)
Elit-Guard: «link» :P
Elit-Guard: Dragon Age: Origins free on Origin.
meller: Nice!
Elit-Guard: lol: «link» :D
Elit-Guard: I've been playing in Battlefield CTE and really enjoy the maps, although the snow can be a bit annoying. Who else has CTE ?
meller: CTE? What is it?
Silvar: Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment - a testing ground for new stuff for BF4. Currently they're running the Last Stand beta maps.
Silvar: You can get it if you have BF4 Premium on PC. It's a separate install apart from the vanilla BF4 (and has a separate Battlelog + forums). It is updated quite often. Link to register for CTE: «link»
Silvar: Sorry, it's "Final Stand", not "Last...".
meller: Ah I see, cool! Still haven't figured out how to get my mic back alive..
Cougar: go to the store buy a new one ?
Silvar: I think it worked in Skype but not TS...
Elit-Guard: Lol, exactly my thoughts from time to time: «link» :D
Elit-Guard: But still lots and lots of bugs in what EA calls the beta. I'm worried.
Elit-Guard: PS, the CTE is around 26 GB download, quite large, but for me worth it at the moment. Been playing several games with Mattimio and JackFrags which was epic fun :D
meller: Tried it on Skype with Cougar, Still didin't work :/
Cougar: going to look for a new clan need some teamplay not fun alone sorry if i disepoint someone
meller: Yeah no worries mate - I hardly have time anymore for anything so yeah.. :)
Elit-Guard: I understand Cougar and the same as meller, i dont have much time anymore, but I will see you on the battlefield for sure. Have fun.
Phyrefli: Guys, the server this site is hosted on will go down at the weekend as I'm not using it anymore. If anyone would like the domain name please get hold of me through BLOG. Hope you're all fine!
Ramaro2: thats ok Phyrefli guess we are all to busy anyway
Ramaro2: finally download all the games on the new rig holy crap bf4 takes ages to download with its dlc too

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