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Ramaro2: hey tc how you doing buddy
meller: Sweet rounds last night gues :) Good to be back! :)
Silvar: Yeah, some GGs. Hope tonight's tourney match goes well as well.
Elit-Guard: Does anyone know GreenEagleFTW ? He wants to join our platoon.
meller: Yeah I just saw it too, I don't know him..
Elit-Guard: There we go: "Finals Stand"; «link» :D
Elit-Guard: PS: for the former BF 2142 vets, look at 0.55, walker schematics :P
Ramaro2: aww give me a walker good old days hehe
Elit-Guard: Does anyone know PrivateOpacak ? He wants to join our platoon.
Silvar: Not me.
meller: But he is on PS4, not PC so I don't think we should accept him..
Elit-Guard: ok, thx, I'll let him know.
Elit-Guard: rofl: «link» :D
Silvar: BF4T will continue with Tour 2 on Sunday the 28th of September, at 19 BST/20 CEST.
Elit-Guard: Campers: «link» ;)
Silvar: It seems the BF4T Tour 2 start was pushed back to next week, the 5th of October.
Ramaro2: CS.GO is where the fun is at for me atm
meller: I got CS:GO as well, however, I am fed up with studies :)
Elit-Guard: «link» :P
Elit-Guard: Dragon Age: Origins free on Origin.
meller: Nice!
Elit-Guard: lol: «link» :D
Elit-Guard: I've been playing in Battlefield CTE and really enjoy the maps, although the snow can be a bit annoying. Who else has CTE ?
meller: CTE? What is it?
Silvar: Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment - a testing ground for new stuff for BF4. Currently they're running the Last Stand beta maps.
Silvar: You can get it if you have BF4 Premium on PC. It's a separate install apart from the vanilla BF4 (and has a separate Battlelog + forums). It is updated quite often. Link to register for CTE: «link»
Silvar: Sorry, it's "Final Stand", not "Last...".
meller: Ah I see, cool! Still haven't figured out how to get my mic back alive..
Cougar: go to the store buy a new one ?
Silvar: I think it worked in Skype but not TS...
Elit-Guard: Lol, exactly my thoughts from time to time: «link» :D
Elit-Guard: But still lots and lots of bugs in what EA calls the beta. I'm worried.
Elit-Guard: PS, the CTE is around 26 GB download, quite large, but for me worth it at the moment. Been playing several games with Mattimio and JackFrags which was epic fun :D
meller: Tried it on Skype with Cougar, Still didin't work :/
Cougar: going to look for a new clan need some teamplay not fun alone sorry if i disepoint someone
meller: Yeah no worries mate - I hardly have time anymore for anything so yeah.. :)

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