BLAST Pro Series gets new format [CS:GO]

After being so criticized for their uncompetitive format, organizer of BLAST Pro Series, RFRESH, decided to change something. Hence, the next BLAST Pro Series event will get a new format that includes more Bo3 matches.

Countless critic of BLAST Pro Series format

BLAST Pro events were supposed to be a fun, fast and entertaining event from the very beginning. Therefore, they lasted only for two days and had a very simple format. Six invited teams were playing five matches in Round Robin Group Stage. The best two teams were proceeding further to Grand Final. Indeed, these events saw big success in terms of viewership. But they also got a number of critics because of their uncompetitive format.

The problem was that only Grand Final was Best-of-3, and all matches in the Group Stage were Best-of-1. In CS:GO, Best-of-1 matches are considered to be a lottery to some degree as underdogs have more chances to upset big names in this format.

One of the most criticized teams for attending BLAST Pro events was Astralis who is sponsored by RFRESH. So, they skipped many other big tournaments to play those despised BLAST Pro Series events. Accordingly, RFRESH decided to do something about BLAST Pro Series format so they can remain entertaining and fun but at the same time to be competitive.

More Bo3 matches

Given that the biggest problem was lack of Bo3 matches, RFRESH decided to add one more stage in Play-offs that is going to feature Bo3 matches. So, the next BLAST Pro Series event in Los Angeles will have Semi-final matches. That means that the four best teams from the group will advance further and they will face each other in Bo3 Semi-finals.

However, there is another potential issue with a new format. Considering that there is going to be one more stage, organizers have to find a space for two additional matches in only two days. Hence, they will put all group matches in only one day. It means that those teams will have to play five matches on the same day. Thus, it can be a problem for teams to handle so many games in a single day.

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