The BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 will be held December 14-15 at the Altice Arena site in the capital of Portugal. The tournament starts with a general group stage in the Round Robin BO1 format, at the end of which the two strongest teams will meet in the grand final, where they will share the lion’s share of the $ 250,000 prize pool. As in the past BLAST Pro Series competitions, the participant who took the 3rd place in the group stage will play a Stand-off match with their chosen opponent, the winner of which will receive an additional $ 20,000 reward.

List of participants:

Astralis (Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, device, Magisk)
MiBR (FalleN, tarik, swag, Stewie2K, coldzera)
Cloud9 (flusha, RUSH, autimatic, refrezh, kioShiMa)
NiP (f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, dennis, Lekr0, REZ)
FaZe (karrigan, olofmeister, GuardiaN, NiKo, rain)
Natus Vincere (Edward, Zeus, flamie, s1mple, electronic)

Tournament schedule:

Friday, December 14

22:00 Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Sweden NiP BO1
22:00 USA MiBR vs. Europe Cloud9 BO1
22:00 Denmark Astralis vs. Europe FaZe BO1
23:30 Europe FaZe vs. Europe Cloud9 BO1
23:30 USA MiBR vs. Sweden NiP BO1
23:30 Denmark Astralis vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere BO1

Saturday, December 15

17:00 Europe FaZe vs. USA MiBR BO1
17:00 Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Europe Cloud9 BO1
17:00 Denmark Astralis vs. Sweden NiP BO1
18:20 Denmark Astralis vs. USA MiBR BO1
18:20 Sweden NiP vs. Europe Cloud9 BO1
18:20 Europe FaZe vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere BO1
19:40 Denmark Astralis vs. Europe Cloud9 BO1
19:40 Europe FaZe vs. Sweden NiP BO1
19:40 USA MiBR vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere BO1
21:00 Stand-off match
22:00 Grand Final BO3

Prize pool distribution:

1. $125,000
2. $50,000
3. $25,000
4. $15,000
5. $10,000
6. $5,000

+ $ 20,000 for winning the stand-off match

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