DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019

The first DreamHack Masters event in 2019 is starting off on May 28th and will last until June 2nd. The best teams in the world including Team Liquid, ENCE, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, and NiP will be there. They will fight for the main prize of $100,000 US.

Which teams compete and how they get to the DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019?

As said, the DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 is prestigious CS:GO event so it will gather many elite CS:GO teams. There are going to be 16 teams in total (10 invited + 6 teams who qualified for the event).

Invited teams:

  • Team Liquid (nitr0, EliGE, Twistzz, NAF, Stewie2K)
  • ENCE (AleksiB, allu, Sergej, xseven, Aerial) 
  • FaZe Clan (NEO, NiKo, olofmeister, rain, GuardiaN)
  • Fnatic (JW, KRIMZ, Xizt, twist, Brollan)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Get_RiGhT, f0rest, REZ, Lekr0, dennis)
  • North (valde, aizy, Kjaerbye, gade, JUGi)
  • NRG Esports (daps, tarik, CeRq, Brehze, Ethan)
  • Renegades (AZR, jks, jkaem, Gratisfaction, liazz)
  • Team Vitality 9 (NBK, ZywOo, RpK, apEX, ALEX)
  • Cloud9(autimatic, vice, RUSH, Golden, cajunb)

Qualified teams:

  • Windigo Gaming (bubble, SHiPZ, v1c7oR, poizon, Calyx) – European Qualifier
  • G2 Esports (shox, kennyS, Lucky, JaCkz, AMANEK) – European Qualifier
  • FURIA Esports (arT, VINI, KSCERATO, ableJ, yuurih) – North American Qualifier
  • Isurus Gaming (Noktse, 1962, Reversive, meyern, maxujas) – South American Qualifier
  • TYLOO (somebody, BnTeT, xccurate, Summer, Attacker) – Chinese Qualifier
  • Lucid Dream (wannafly, cbbk, PTC, Geniuss, qqGod) – Asian Qualifier

The favorites for winning the title are definitely Team Liquid, Team Vitality, and ENCE who had the best results recently. However, other teams like FaZe Clan, Fnatic and NRG Esports must not be written off as they are also top CS:GO teams.

Format, rules and streaming details

Sixteen teams will play in Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas for the prize pool of 250,000 USD. This event is going to have two separate streams per language (English and Russian). Hence, if your favorite team is not covered on Primary channel, you can also check out the secondary DreamHack Twitch channel.

When it comes to format, this tournament has two phases – Group Stage and Play-offs. Firstly, teams are separated into double-elimination groups. The initial matches are Best-of-1, and all other matches are Best-of-3. When Group Stage ends, the group winners are proceeding directly to Semi-final, whereas 2nd-3rd teams have to play Quarter-finals first. Obviously, teams from the same group cannot face each other in Quarter-finals.

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