ECS Season 7 Finals: FURIA Esports upset Astralis

We will remember ECS Season 7 Finals because of many upsets that occurred at the event. Prior to the event, the biggest surprise was the absence of Team Liquid who failed to qualify. After the group stage of ECS Season 7 Finals, the biggest upset is FURIA Esports eliminating Astralis.

This has never happened to the current Astralis squad before

Although Astralis was forced to make a roster change and bring Magisk to their lines, it turned out to be a great turn of events for them. Since February 7th, 2018, when Magisk joined Astralis, the Danish squad has never lost opening match up until ECS Season 7 Finals. Since February last year, Astralis played more than 20 LAN events and ended up winning the majority of them.

They always started the tournament with a win in the first match. It probably helped them a lot to keep dominating the field as they did last year. However, their domination saw an end at the beginning of this year when they decided to skip many big events. On top of that, they even didn’t manage to win all BLAST Pro events they attended. There was still a chance for them to get back on road at ECS Season 7 Finals and defend the title, but FURIA stopped them in an early stage.

Three consecutive Nuke losses

If someone told Astralis at the beginning of 2019 that they are going to lose three times on Nuke, and that it’s going to be three losses in a row, Danes probably wouldn’t believe him. Astralis managed to win 32 games on Nuke in a row. They were just one win away from reaching NiP’s record of 33 consecutive Nuke wins. However, ENCE stopped them in BLAST Pro Grand Final. Surely, that had to happen at one point, but what followed up was just unbelievable.

Astralis had a chance to play their best map twice in two matches against FURIA Esports. At half-time, they were closer to victory than the Brazilian team but lost both times. It resulted in the elimination of Astralis in Group Stage of ECS. Moreover, the current Astralis squad has never dropped out from the big event in Group Stage before, although they faced early elimination in a few BLAST Pro events.

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