Europe Minor Closed Qualifier review

There is only one month left before the second CS:GO Major of 2019 kicks off in Berlin. In order to be in Berlin at the end of August, dozens of teams have to go through Qualifier. In this article, we will cover Europe Minor Closed Qualifier that ended recently.

Upper Bracket

Europe Minor Closed Qualifier featured very strong teams. Even though Closed Qualifier shouldn’t have such big names, this year, we even had Major champions competing for a spot in Major.

In Upper Bracket, four teams found their way through Europe Minor Closed Qualifier to the main event. CR4ZY managed to defeat Nordavind and Heroic without big problems, although they had to play three maps versus Heroic. Interestingly, in a duel between CR4ZY and Nordavind, we saw one of the shortest CS:GO rounds ever. The most interesting matchup in Upper Bracket definitely was meeting between Fnatic and BIG in the second round. They won their matches in the first round against Sprout and Magnitude and then faced each other in the second round.

Fnatic advanced further with a convincing score (16-10, 16-11). We also saw an interesting encounter between mousesports and OpTic Gaming. Those teams beat and GamerLegion in the first rounds to book their meeting against each other. Mousesports outlasted OpTic after three one-sided maps (8-16, 16-8, 16-4). The last team that managed to get to Europe Minor was North who defeated Team Ancient in the last round.

Lower Bracket

As Europe Minor Closed Qualifier had double-elimination bracket, teams who lost their first matches were dropping down to Lower Bracket instead of getting eliminated.

The first team from Lower Bracket who secured a spot in Europe Minor was NoChance who upset Heroic. After NoChance, BIG easily edged out on two maps with the identical result (16-11, 16-11). Another German team also went through. Sprout managed to pull out big upset after beating OpTic Gaming on three maps. On the last map (Dust 2), Sprout just humiliated OpTic (16-3). The last team from Lower Bracket who managed to Qualify for Europe Minor was Team Ancient who overcame Tricked Esport on Dust 2 (16-10) and Nuke (16-13).

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