In the previous part, we’ve covered Method Orange‘s road through the group stage, quarterfinals, and semifinals, which was relatively easy for them. But this is where the real games happen. Winner’s Finals and Grand Final games are some of the best games I have ever watched.

Winner’s Finals

In Winner’s Finals, Method Orange and Method Black finally clashed. Two of the best teams in the world, just one round away from the Grand Finals. Both of these teams had amazing compositions with a great dynamic and insanely skillful players. The outcome, however, was in favor of Method Orange, with 3 – 2 in Nagrand Arena, Dalaran Sewers, Tol’Vir Arena, Ashamane’s Fall, and Hook Point. Method Orange was sticking with their compositions, just swapping between a Balance Druid and an Unholy Deathknight when they needed to. Method Black, however, was consistently swapping their healer. It was either Restoration Druid, Assassination Rogue, and Frost Mage, or Discipline Priest instead of a Druid. Both of these compositions are very strong against melee classes, which is why Method Orange decided to go for a Balance Druid in two of their winning games.

Grand Final

The grand final on Blizzcon 2018 was the most exciting one I have ever watched. Method Orange versus Gosu Crew. In Grand Finals, you need 4 game wins in order to with the matchup. And Method managed to go 4 – 0 against their opponents. The games lasted a total of about 50 minutes. They were played in Nagrand Arena, Ashamane’s fall, The Tiger’s Peak, and Dalaran Sewers. Surprisingly, Gosu Crew was sticking to their Restoration Shaman, Assassination Rogue, and Shadow Priest composition, even if they were losing game after game.

It was amazing to see your favorite arena team win the biggest arena tournament after all these years. If some of you have followed a World of Warcraft streamer Cdew in the past few years, you’d know how much it means to him to finally have that championship trophy in his hands. As a fan of both World of Warcraft, and its PVP system, I was glad to finally watch an exciting grand final with my favorite team coming out as winners.

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