As a huge fan of World of Warcraft Arena Tournament and Method Orange’s Arena team, I was rooting for them to win Blizzcon’s 2018 Arena Tournament, as I do every year. Maybe for some of you, Arena Tournament is nothing exciting, but if you played World of Warcraft Arena since its release in The Burning Crusade, I’m sure it would be tons of fun for you too. Method Orange has been competing on Blizzcon’s tournaments for years now, and they have lost in the grand finals every single time, not being able to secure that championship trophy. Until now.

The Games

Method’s path to the grand finals on Blizzcon 2018 was in no way easy. They have encountered some of the best teams in the world and still managed to pull through and bring home the trophy. Their first game was in quarterfinals against “Making a Movie” team, which they managed to beat 3 – 0 in Nagrand Arena, Tol’Vir Arena, and Ashamane’s Fall. In my opinion, this game was not some much fun to watch, as it was obvious that Method’s composition (Restoration Druid, Unholy Death Knight, and Vengeance Demon Hunter) was much better and more dynamic.

Next game was against “Skill Capped”, a very good team with stable ratings and insanely good compositions. They usually play Balance Druid, Fury Warrior, and Restoration Shaman, sometimes switching their Warrior with a Demon Hunter, depending on the opposing team’s composition. But even with their skill and good comp, they still haven’t managed to beat Method (this time opting for Balance Druid instead of an Unholy Death Knight). This was one of the more fun games of the tournament, as each game lasted more than 10 minutes, with ups and downs on each side, but Method managed to pull ahead and win the match with 3 – 0 in Nagrand Arena, Ashamane’s Fall, and Black Rook Hold Arena.

In the next article, we’ll be diving a bit more into the winner’s finals and grand finals, the two best matches of the tournament. This is where Method Orange actually shows what they’ve got, so stick around if you want to hear the rest of the story!

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