Ninjas in Pyjamas are StarLadder Dota 2 Minor champions

StarLadder Dota 2 Minor ended with Ninjas in Pyjamas clinching the title. NiP defeated Alliance 3-2 in the Grand Final to become StarLadder Dota 2 Minor champions.

Convincing display in the Group Stage

Ninjas in Pyjamas showed a convincing game in the Group Stage. They were competing in Group B against Team Sirius, Mineski and Complexity Gaming. In the opening match, NiP managed to accomplish a comeback versus Sirius after losing the first leg. In the third leg, we saw an epic game that could go either way. It lasted for almost an hour and NiP managed to outlast Sirius.

So, they faced Mineski in Winners’ Match to play for a spot in Play-offs. The first leg was an easy ride for NiP even though they had a slow beginning. The second leg, however, could easily finish badly for eventual StarLadder Dota 2 Minor champions, but they prevailed in another turbulent encounter.

NiP got their revenge against Alliance

Ninjas in Pyjamas cruised over Team Anvorgesa in the first round to reach Upper Bracket Finals. They faced Alliance and lost the game despite winning the first leg. Ace and co. had a decent chance to finish Alliance off already in the second leg. However, they failed to do so as Alliance bounced back at the last moment. Later on, Alliance convincingly won the third leg to send NiP to Lower Bracket Finals.

Winners of the previous Dota Minor didn’t have problems in Lower Bracket Final. They managed to defeat Team Sirius one more time after two relatively easy legs. Hence, NiP booked another meeting with Alliance in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final of StarLadder Dota 2 Minor featured a battle in five legs. Alliance opened the match in great fashion as they clinched the first leg after 45 minutes. However, the following two legs ended in favor of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Ace and his teammates were in a very good position to conclude the Grand Final in the fourth leg. They had notable advantage couple of times, but Alliance bounced back each time. Eventually, Alliance outlasted NiP in an hour-long leg. Nevertheless, Ninjas in Pyjamas stepped up for one more time in the leg of the decision to clinch the title and become StarLadder Dota 2 Minor champions.

Alongside $125,000, they also secured a spot in EPICENTER Major and 120 DPC points.

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