NYC Chris beat DrNightWatch to win eChampions League 2019

Just one night before Champions League final, the Grand Final of eChampions League 2019 ended in the same city (Madrid) with NYC Chris defeating DrNightWatch. Player of New York City clinched both legs of Grand Final to win his first big trophy.

eChampions League 2019

FIFA is one of the rare games that succeed as Esports version of the real game (football/soccer in this case). So, EA Sports decided to organize many events that are corresponding to traditional football events. Accordingly, we already had an opportunity to watch tournaments such as the FIFA eClub World Cup, FIFA eNations Cup as well as FIFA eWorld Cup. Also, many famous National Football Associations decided to organize their own Esports events such as ePL, eBundesliga and so on.

Additionally, once in every month, FIFA players can compete at FUT Champions Cup for money and Global Series points. According to the amount of Global Series points, we can conclude that eChampions League is not Top Tier event. Also, it lacked in the best players in the world (F2Tekkz, Msdossary Nicolas99, Maestro) who failed to qualify for the eChampions League Finals. Nevertheless, we saw many good games and a lot of incredible goals.

NYC Chris beat them all

In the end, New York City’s player, Chirs managed to clinch his first big title. This was definitely the biggest surprise so far in FIFA 19 Season as Chris hadn’t any significant international success in the past. His best results were Semi-finals at FIFA eInteractive World Club Cup 2017 and at PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest 2019. Therefore, this achievement wasn’t expected from Chris.

However, he started off in a great manner from the very beginning in Group Stage where he defeated Damie (4-1) and Frontale_FIFA (3-2). Afterward, he continued in the same fashion in Madrid.  There, he knocked out Rafsou and Marcuzo both in very tight games. He defeated Rafsou in Extra Time (5-4), and beat Marcuzo only after Penalties (5-5 (4-2)). In the Grand Final, NYC Chris successfully overcame DrNightWatch in both legs (2-0, 5-4). As a result, he won $100,000 and 850 Global Series Points.

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