OpTic Gaming stays unbeaten after the first two weeks [LCS Summer 2019]

The first two weeks of LCS Summer 2019 has finished recently. The only team that managed to win all its games at LCS Summer has been OpTic Gaming who stayed unbeaten after the first two weeks.

A great beginning for OpTic Gaming

Although OpTic Gaming hasn’t faced any really big name yet, they managed to kick off LCS Summer 2019 in the best possible way. In the opening round, OpTic Gaming defeated Clutch Gaming after 38 minutes. The match was relatively equal up until 30th minute, but momentum then went on OpTic’s side. They achieved a big lead in gold and eventually forced CG all the way back to their base.

The most anticipated match of Round 1, however, was a meeting between Team Liquid and TSM. Unlike the duel between OpTic and CG, the match between Team Liquid and TSM went more straight forward. Already in the 13th minute, Team Liquid was 4k ahead of TSM, which eventually resulted in the convincing victory of Mid-Season Invitational runner-ups.

In the second round, Team Liquid got upset by Echo Fox that was led by their Top Laner, Colin “Solo” Earnest. Solo was MVP of the match with six kills and 13.5k gold.

OpTic Gaming defeated 100 after penetrating their Bot Lane and destroying their Nexus in the 35th minute.

OpTic Gaming remained unbeaten in Week 2 as well. They bested Counter Logic Gaming in Round 3. In the following round, OpTic outlasted FlyQuest even though FlyQuest took First Blood and first Turret. On top of that FlyQuest had a slight advantage in gold all the way up to the 20th minute when OpTic bounced back. Interestingly, they were in exactly the same position in the same position in the previous encounter against CLG as well.

Among other notable results, Team Liquid again got upset in Round 4. This time, they lost to Counter-Logic Gaming.

Standings after the first two weeks

1. OpTic Gaming (4-0)
2. Golden Guardians (3-1)
3. Cloud9 (3-1)
4. Clutch Gaming (2-2)
5. Counter Logic Gaming (2-2)
6. Team Liquid (2-2)
7. Team SoloMid (2-2)
8. EchoFox (1-3)
9. FlyQuest (1-3)
10. 100 Thieves (0-4)

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