PVP in World of Warcraft has changed a ton over the years. In Vanilla, we didn’t even have BGs on game’s launch, and today we have dozens of Battlegrounds, Arena system, and Rated Battlegrounds. It’s safe to say that PVP has come a long way since World of Warcraft’s release. However, it was not all good. Many people say that PVP right now is not as good as it was back in Mists of Pandaria or The Burning Crusade.

Early Days

Back in 2004, when the game was first released, the only way you could PVP against another faction was out in the world. And there was no reward system in place at all. You would kill other players just for the sake of it. Or maybe your buddy was getting ganked by a high-level player and you came to help him out, eventually creating an all-out battle. These kinds of battles would usually take place in Hillsbrad Foothills, namely the Tarren Mill versus Southshore battle. These fights could last hours or even days. The zone was practically unplayable because of all the lag players caused.

The Burning Crusade to Modern PVP

In 2007, when The Burning Crusade released, the players were introduced to something called the Arena. No one really knew what it was until they hit the max level and discovered that it was a small-scale highly competitive PVP environment. At release, there were 3 modes: 2 versus 2, 3 versus 3, and 5 versus 5. But I think that we can all agree that 3 versus 3 is the most competitive mode. There was a rating system in place, which allowed players to check and compare their skill levels. And the most skilled would receive rewards at the end of the season. The rewards for the best of the best were a prestigious Gladiator title and a unique, obtainable only once, custom Gladiator flying mount. And when you would see someone riding a Gladiator mount, you’d know they were the best.

In the Cataclysm, we were introduced to something called Rated Battlegrounds. What is that exactly? Well, Rated Battlegrounds are regular Battlegrounds, but with a rating system similar to Arena. However, there were only 10 slots in the RBG group. So, even if you played Arathi Basin (A Battleground designed for 15 people), you would be allowed to bring only 10. This new system was a refreshment for fans of Battlegrounds because they were finally able to have a real large-scale competitive system.


The rewards for being the best of the best in the Arena and Rated Battlegrounds are similar. Best of the both get the Gladiator title and a one-time unique Gladiator mount. But reaching this level is no easy task. And that’s why if you want to have a mount that will be unobtainable for the rest of the game, you should consider BoostArmory’s WoW RBG Boost, or even WoW Arena Boost if you’re a fan of small-scale PVP.

It takes a lot of time and grinding to reach the highest level on the PVP ladder in World of Warcraft, so for those of you who don’t really have the time to dedicate to endless grinding, I definitely recommend BoostArmory’s PVP services. You will not be disappointed.


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