RLC Series Season 7 Finals preview and expectations

The best Rocket League teams will take part in RLC Series Season 7 Finals after the successful journey in Europe, North and South American, and Oceania Qualifiers. Both prestige and money are on the line.

Four groups and twelve teams

Twelve teams managed to get through Qualifiers to RLC Series Season 7 Finals. Hence, as the most prestigious event, RLC Finals will see some of the best teams fighting for the main prize. The prize pool for this event is going to be almost $530,000 US and the winner will take the biggest piece of cake. However, it won’t be easy to lift the trophy given that the competition is fierce and there is no bad team out there.

RLC Series Season 7 Finals is kicking off on June 21st in Newark, USA. All matches will take place at the Prudential Center.

Teams will be separated into four groups with three teams. Groups are using Round Robin format, so every team faces each other within the group. After two days of battle in the Group Stage, the best two teams from each group are going further to Play-off. All matches are Best-of-5, except Semi-finals and Grand Final which are Best-of-7.

Teams to watch

At the moment there are no clear favorites for clinching the trophy. However, teams to watch are those who had the most success in the recent period and those are Cloud9, Vitality, and NRG. Cloud9 is defending champion as they beat the competition at RLC Series Season 6 Finals versus Dignitas in Grand Final. Also, they reached the final of North American Qualifier but lost to NRG.

Also, Cloud9 ended as runner-up at ELEAGUE Cup 2018, too. Therefore, as one of the most consistent teams, they are definitely favorites for the first place.

As said, NRG came to RLC Finals after winning NA Qualifier. But, it’s not their first time to win NA Qualifier as they succeeded in doing so in Season 6 and Season 3 as well.

Another team to watch is Renault Vitality who beat FC Barcelona in Grand Final of European Qualifier. Vitality defeated Spanish Esports organization with ending score 4-2 to qualify for RLC Series Season 7 Finals.

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