Duel Arena in Oldschool Runescape

Runescape Staking in Duel Arena is one of the best parts of runescape playing experience. It is not only the most
lucrative method of money making; it can make you a billionaire in minutes. No other method is as
easy and quick to earn Runescape money as this.

Staking in OSRS

Staking is putting money on board by two participants and tis done with a whip and a tent and
some money, like if you have 100m and u put it in a stake of equal share, then u get 200m after u
win. You are allowed to stake with a share of 10:100, like in case of putting up 100m and winning
you get 110m. This makes staking safe and minimum risk of loss. Staking is fun and cool and
makes you test your luck. In addition to that, it gives you an opportunity to use a maxed main
account with 99 level in defence, attack and strength.
While staking
• -the duels are decided among known or unknown players
• -Players need to be aware that the opponent must not be using any other weapon

Maxed Main Rental Serivce

Moreover there is a good news for general payers who do not have maxed mains with maximum
skilling levels that many online websites have started renting maxed mains. They provide you with
a maxed main account for a specific period of time and you return it. Among all the major websites
renting out maxed mains for oldschool rs, ZedRS has the most convenient, trustworthy and cheap rent a staker service.

rent maxed osrs account
rent maxed osrs account


The website offers you two time slots
• 30 minutes for 3m
• 1 hour for 5m .

In addition to that the maxed main, the accounts from ZedRS will come with kraken tentacle and whip inbuilt in the account so all
you have to do is transfer your gp and start staking. You will get a warning 5 minutes before your ending time so you can safely end your stake and transfer your money, or if you want to extend your time then that is possible as well.
Once the stake is ended, the agents will confirm that have you taken off all your belongings from
the account before they change the passwords for next rent.

When to Stop Staking

Many players ask for tips for better staking – they ask what will ensure a definite profit. In my
opinion the only way to come out winning from something as uncertain as staking is knowing when
to stop. Its all about the mind. Staking depends on luck, but the extent to which you test your luck
depends on you. Staking needs to be halted when you think you have made too much profit. If you
can control yourself and stop, then you are in profit. Listen to your gut, stop when it asks you to


EuroGamers Choice

EuroGamers team has tested multiple trusted renting services themself and shortlisted the top most service provider. After analysis of each service provider with multiple factors and requirements, we have come to a conclusion that the number 1 OSRS Rent a main service is from ZedRS. Why? This question might have came in to your mind but let us elaborate, first most reason is the economical rental price, then comes the trust which is very very important in rentals. Moreover, they are available 24/7 for any service. All you have to do is to contact the livechat. Last but not the least, once you have won the OSRS gold, you can also swap it with them for RS3 gold or swap your RS3 to OSRS for staking.

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