The Bucharest Minor | Dota 2

Series: Dota Pro Circuit
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Format: Group stage + playoffs
Prize money: $ 300,000
The date of the event:
09.01.2019 – 01.13.2019

The winner will receive a quota for The Chongqing Major!

Qualifying competitions for the second major of the season, which will be held in the Romanian capital next January, were held on all regions of the world stage. Within the framework of past qualifications, eight teams were determined to compete for the champion title of The Bucharest Minor: two teams from Europe and China and one from the CIS, South and North America, and South-East Asia will take part in the championship.

Participants in the upcoming competition will compete with each other for 300 thousand dollars, Dota Pro Circuit 500 points, as well as the main prize – a ticket to the second major of the season, which will be held a week later in the Chinese city of Chongqing. The results of the qualifiers for The Chongqing Major can be found in our news.

The Bucharest Minor will be held from 9 to 13 January in Romania. PGL will organize the event. Accordingly, the venue for the competition will be the studio PGL in Bucharest.

Selection for the second major of the season is completed!

The Bucharest Minor Members:

  • OG (European Qualification Winner)
  • Ninjas in Pajamas (European Qualification Winner)
  • TEAM TEAM (North American Qualification Winner)
  • Playmaker Esports (winner of the South American qualification)
  • Gambit Esports (qualification winner in the CIS)
  • BOOM ID (qualification winner in Southeast Asia)
  • Keen Gaming (winner of Chinese qualification)
  • EHOME (winner of Chinese qualification)

List of participants:


European Union

Pajkatt (Sweden)
Topson (Finland)
4ckngMad (France)
JerAx (Finland)
N0tail (Denmark)

Ninjas in pajamas

European Union

Ace (Denmark)
FATA (Germany)
33 (Israel)
Saksa (Macedonia)
ppd (USA)

Keen gaming


old chicken (China)
? (China)
eLeVeN (China)
Kaka (China)
dark (China)



Mikoto (Indonesia)
Dreamocel (Indonesia)
Fbz (Indonesia)
Jhocam (Indonesia)
Khezcute (Indonesia)



Sammyboy (USA)
Ryoya (USA)
Brax (USA)
Newsham (USA)
ixmike88 (USA)

Gambit Esports


Daxak (Russia)
Afoninje (Russia)
AfterLife (Russia)
KingR (Russia)
VANSKOR (Russia)



eGo (China)
ASD (China)
Faith_bian (China)
天命 (China)
y` (China)

For me, the obvious favorites are OG, Ninjas in Pijamas and Gambit. The rest of the teams are still clearly weak to the grand final of the minor, and the major even more so.

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