We are summing up the outgoing year and recalling the main events that will become part of the history of Dota 2.

The tournaments of 2018 have been completed, the qualifications of the next major and minor events have also come to an end, players are gaining strength to return to the arena in the new year, and the community is ready to forget about Dota for a while and enjoy the holiday weekend. We are summing up the outgoing year and recalling the main events that will become part of the history of Dota 2.

Bright events

To begin with, let’s say a few words about the most significant annual tournament.  Since the time of the first The International, which took place in Germany, the Dota 2 World Championship for the first time changed the city where the event was traditionally held. The International moved to Vancouver from Seattle. The good old KeyArena, dear to the gaming industry lovers, has not been transformed into a festive eSports arena this summer. In was confirmed: changes and fresh breath are necessary when holding your event.

The tournament presented the viewer with several surprises: a bright victory for the team that are considered outsiders, the collapse of the favorite team that has broken long-term tradition. What more could you want? The battle between the West and the East for the memorable Aegis lasted seven years, and both sides fought it with varying success. The year foreshadowed the triumph of the western teams. In the summer of 2018, the experts had almost no doubt that in Vancouver the finalists would be Virtus.pro and PSG.LGD and the second one would take the trophy itself.

Despite everything and everyone, only the Chinese players managed to reach the grand finals, but the Europeans won the same match OG. The fact that the Celestial Empire must take revenge, by all means, started talking to the community immediately after the awards were presented, because in 2019 the biggest tournament will be hosted by Shanghai, and the local public, which is no secret for anyone, does not like to lose.

Dota developers take care of not only the esports component of their game but also try to please ordinary people, expanding the lore and reach of the game universe. In 2018, the character Grimstroke was added to the client, and after that Mars was to appear – but its users are still waiting. Maybe the hero, whose prototype served as the God of war, will be a Valve New Year’s gift? He would have come in handy if we consider that KuroKy managed to play for all the characters in official matches – this guy needs a new challenge!

Sensational returns

Where there is separation, there must be reunions. Ana and OG, SoNNeikO and NAVI. The first is the fateful and worthy successor of the Hollywood story, and the second is the one that gave hope. An Australian player with an ambiguous story behind him, a multiple champions of majors and tournaments of a more modest rank appeared just at the moment when the main characters of the blockbuster despaired of finding salvation and almost dropped their hands. He went through open qualifiers and won the championship with his team, which everyone in the world of Dota 2 dreams of.

Ana, along with OG, created a sensation, but the effect of surprise from his return blocked the similar effect of his disappearance. This guy seems to have achieved everything he dreamed of and can afford to pause for any length of time.





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