Runescape account renting is a popular way for many players, both beginners, and professionals that create a passive income stream. Despite this fact, the official rules of the game strictly prohibit the sale and transfer of a game accounts (this also applies to gold) to third parties. I already have some experience regarding this topic and I would like to share with you. Yes, I have rented accounts before! I collected the most useful tips which you can use to minimize your chances of getting an account lock or avoiding issues altogether.

Useful tips to keep your rented account secure:

No one can guarantee a hundred percent safety. It all depends on you. Just using these tips, you can minimize the risks.

For streamers:

If you are a streamer (or you are YouTuber) and you have your channel on YouTube or twitch, then I strongly advise you not to play on a rented account. It is better to avoid unnecessary attention, do your own thing, and only after that start streaming.

For players:

  • Try not to violate the rules of the game/server (besides the account renting itself). Do not attract the attention of other players or mods. Try to act in a way that would suggest you didn’t break the rules.
  • Do not keep too much gold. (As soon as you have collected the required amount of gold, withdraw it!)
  • Use extreme caution when transferring gold. (There is a chance that due to suspicious actions there may be problems with the transfer)
  • Use the purchased account solely for personal purposes and do not transfer login data anyoneĀ else.
  • I do not recommend changing the account information. (It is not necessary to change the username, password if you rent, etc. This will only lead to loss of access to the account.)
  • If you contact other players, use only the private chat. (This is necessary to preserve confidentiality)
  • Always stay in the duel arena. (If you want to simply have fun instead of making gold, then use your personal account. You need to focus on staking or farming!)
  • Always be in the same world. (Do not jump from world to world!)

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