Valve announced dates for 2020 CS:GO Majors

The creator and owner of CS:GO, Valve announced dates for two 2020 CS:GO Majors. As we can see, there are going to be notable differences in comparison with dates of Majors that were held until this year.

Majors are going to be played in May and November

The biggest difference from the last Majors is going to be the time when 2020 CS:GO Major will be held. According to dates that Valve announced, we can see that teams will play Majors significantly later than it was the case in the past. Whereas the first Major of the year was usually played at the beginning of the year in January, February, and March, the first Major of 2020 is going to be played in May. The starting date is May 11th and it will end on May 24th.

Hence, it will be the first CS:GO Major ever that is held so late in the year. The second Major is also going to be organized a few months later than it used to be. Unlike the previous three Majors (FACEIT Major, PGL Major Krakow, ESL One Cologne) that were held during the Summer, the second Major of 2020 will be held in November. It will kick off on November 2nd and will last to November 15th.

Only two weeks of CS:GO

Majors used to be even shorter before 2018, when they lasted only for one week. Then, Valve decided to prolong tournaments and make them last for 3 weeks. However, it seems like they think 3 weeks is a too long period for one tournament regardless of how important it is. So, 2020 CS:GO Majors will last only for two weeks.

That will make the job for organizers much easier especially as they will have enough time to prepare. Also, it possibly means that we are not going to watch teams competing in the same format. Majors are going to perhaps lose one Group Stage. Or Valve is going to make those two Group Stages shorter.

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